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Businesses and IT failures

Businesses and IT failures As use of IT in businesses grows, so too do events of system crashes and failures. It is a problem not confined to banks, where system crashes and botched upgrades seemed to be a regular feature of existence for many customers. System problems bedevil many industries, according to an article by […]

GDPR and remote working

GDPR and remote working Many businesses have been operating during the Coronavirus lockdown by asking their employees to work remotely from home. It may be that if this has been successful and there is no need for them to be present in their former offices every day, that this way of working will become the […]

Call to report scam emails

According to the Governments GCHQ Cyber Crime security centre, there has been a significant rise in phishing scams since the onset of the pandemic lockdown and it is asking members of the public to report them here: report@phishing.gov.uk As more and more people are using tech alternatives to keep in touch with family and to […]

Tips for productive video conferencing

As more and more people are working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there will still be times when a company boss or manager needs to be in touch with their team. Similarly, it can be important for keeping in touch with customers and clients. However, such meetings can descend into chaos without some […]

How to improve your work productivity

How to improve your work productivity Finding enough hours in the day to get everything done can be a challenge for SME owners. There are endless stories and articles about famous entrepreneurs who get up at 5am, perhaps start their day with a yoga or gym session or employ any number of variations on the […]

End of Support for Windows 7

End of Support for Windows 7 – what to do In an ideal world when Microsoft ends its support for a piece of software, users should upgrade to a new version. But for SMEs this can be a headache, especially if their current PC or laptop does not have the capacity to cope smoothly with […]

Are you considering using facial recognition technology in your business?

Are you considering using facial recognition technology in your business? If the security of your site is an issue you may be considering installing facial recognition technology. However, there are some issues to be considered before you go ahead. The technology is relatively new and there have been questions about its use and its accuracy […]

How to make your business environmentally friendly

How can you make your office or business more environmentally friendly? It is becoming ever more important that businesses are seen to be doing their bit to reduce their energy requirements and help the environment. But it also makes sense as a means of reducing business overheads and for a business’ reputation. Sustainable offices that […]

Are you drowning in emails?

Email overload is a common problem in business with many managers calculating that they get as many as 140 a day. Part of the problem is that in a multi-location business communications can be copied into other people that the sender feels need to know about the contents. Then there is the inevitable “spam” from […]