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AI will not take over the world

AI will not take over the world In a recent blog we discussed the reliability of AI and automation and the fact that these systems are devised by human beings, highly skilled human beings to be sure, but human beings make mistakes. Wired has just published two further articles exploring the issue of AI. In […]

Password security

Too many people are still not taking password security seriously enough The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has just published the results of its first survey analysing public databases of breached accounts to see which words, phrases and strings people used. One of its most alarming findings was that millions of users were still […]

Cyber security in 2019 – are you insured?

Cyber security in 2019 – are you insured? The most recent figures for the extent of cybercrime published by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) in March 2018 state that 4.5 million such crimes had been committed in the previous 12 months. The ONS figures cover all types of cybercrime, including child pornography. In the […]

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our customers a Very happy Christmas And A Prosperous New Year There’s still time to take advantage of our special Christmas gift. We are giving a Cadbury’s Selection tray to every customer who purchases a laptop or has a repair from December 1 to December 24. Pop in and see us before Christmas.

Digital predictions for 2019

Christmas giveaway and what do the digital experts predict for 2019? We’ve had a look at some of the developments in digital technology that experts think we might see becoming more widespread next year Chatbots: Using natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analytics is likely to improve and if it does it could be much […]

Microsoft news

Microsoft will be ceasing to support Windows 7 from December 2018 in line with its police of only supporting older versions of Windows for two years or less from release. For some of you this may mean investing in a more powerful PC or laptop because the Windows 10 operating system is considerably more space […]

A tablet that is good for work purposes

The new Microsoft Windows 10 Surface Go has received good reviews for use with a detachable keyboard for work purposes. It is described as a “budget”, ie low cost model, which means it does have some limitations, according to the Guardian’s Samuel Gibbs, who describes it as better for work than for play. This means […]

Yet another security flaw in Intel chips

Another security flaw has been discovered in Intel’s computer chips, the third this year, say researchers. The flaw, named Foreshadow, could be used by hackers to obtain sensitive information from computers released from 2015 onwards. While Intel has already released a patch to mitigate the problem, this latest revelation is not good news for the […]

Can apprenticeships solve the IT skills shortage?

There has been a serious shortage of suitable skilled IT professionals for some time and it is only likely to get worse as fewer people come from the EU to work in the UK because of uncertainty about their status after Brexit. Surveys have found that 50% of respondents see the skills shortage as a […]