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Looking for a new laptop?

We came across this review in the Guardian for what looks to be a relatively affordable new laptop. The Framework Laptop 13 is fixable and upgradeable and installed with Windows 11. According to the review “the new parts are compatible with older machines. The laptop is thin, light and made of recycled aluminium. It looks […]

January saw a huge collection of security updates

Security patches were issued for patches for iOS, Chrome, Windows, Apple, Firefox and more. Here’s a short summary but you can find out more on this in Wired here Apple has released iOS 16.3 along with a new feature that allows you to use security keys as an extra layer of protection for your Apple ID. […]

It is not bosses but in-demand staff who dictate employment conditions

Raj Choudhury, an economist from Harvard Business School, is quoted in a Wired article as arguing that the most sought-after job candidates who end up shaping what our jobs look like. His most recent deduction is that staff now demand much greater flexibility than ever before. That means employers will need to be open to […]

Very Happy Christmas

..and if you are a small business or sole trader who hasn’t yet tried our support services, why not get in touch in the New Year. Our tailored support packages will ensure all your IT needs are met and your equipment runs smoothly. We always provide practical advice that utilises both existing technology and newer […]

Why is sustainability important to your business?

Obviously sustainability is important to the future of the planet but why is it equally important for businesses to demonstrate? Sustainability in business refers to more than just the environment.  According to the Harvard business school it covers “: the effect a business has on the environment, and the effect a business has on society, […]

Measuring productivity and why it is important

In the current difficult economic climate how well a business is performing may be crucial to survival. Measuring its productivity is therefore important. Productivity is the measure of production against efficiency, and it is especially important in an era of remote or flexible working patterns. According to Opus Energy, 86% of UK SMEs believe productivity […]

Will the mini budget help your business?

There were several items in the mini budget that the Government claims will help businesses. They include: 45% higher rate of income tax abolished for England, Wales and Northern Ireland taxpayers One single higher rate of income tax of 40% from April next year Reverse recent rise in National Insurance (NI) from 6 November Cancel […]

Use of spyware has been rocketing across Europe

Commercially produced spyware has been used increasingly to target businesses and organisations across Europe. That is not to say that UK businesses are safe, especially those that trade within Europe. It is used to gain access to phones, emails and records for a variety of purposes from targeting individuals to gaining access to sensitive business […]

Online-only services are predicted to leave some people behind

Partly because of the Covid pandemic lockdowns there has been a significant growth in online-only services covering everything from banking to restaurant menus. According to a Wired article in the UK “the number of bank and building society branches fell by a third between 2012 and 2021.” This is all very well for those who […]

SMEs are engines for growth

Recent research reveals that SMEs are major contributors to business and economic growth and therefore to job creation. It is argued that successful SMEs often contribute to the success of other SMEs by partnering with, or outsourcing, some parts of their business, such as marketing, design and accountancy. The effect has been most noticeable in […]