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Use of spyware has been rocketing across Europe

Commercially produced spyware has been used increasingly to target businesses and organisations across Europe. That is not to say that UK businesses are safe, especially those that trade within Europe. It is used to gain access to phones, emails and records for a variety of purposes from targeting individuals to gaining access to sensitive business […]

Online-only services are predicted to leave some people behind

Partly because of the Covid pandemic lockdowns there has been a significant growth in online-only services covering everything from banking to restaurant menus. According to a Wired article in the UK “the number of bank and building society branches fell by a third between 2012 and 2021.” This is all very well for those who […]

SMEs are engines for growth

Recent research reveals that SMEs are major contributors to business and economic growth and therefore to job creation. It is argued that successful SMEs often contribute to the success of other SMEs by partnering with, or outsourcing, some parts of their business, such as marketing, design and accountancy. The effect has been most noticeable in […]

Climate change action requires collaboration

Climate change action requires collaboration and partnerships of all kinds The damage that has been done and continues to be done to the environment across the world is rarely out of the news, along with its consequences in affecting people’s lives. But, according to an article in Wired, tackling and reversing the damage is going […]

Covid restrictions may have gone but the pandemic has not

Covid restrictions may have gone but the pandemic itself has not The pressure on businesses is considerable as a result of the pandemic, supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine. It has all meant rising costs and on top of that a shortage of employees to recruit. So it is more than ever important […]

Benefits of using a password manager?

What are the benefits of using a password manager? Remembering an ever-growing number of passwords can be daunting and writing them down is a security no-no. It is becoming ever more complex as nowadays we have to register for every online service we use and across multiple platforms. Wired has researched the best password managers […]

The success of remote working

The success of remote working is likely to change the traditional office HQ Given the proof that remote working during the pandemic has been successful it is likely that businesses may rethink their current traditional ways of working. It may also be that downsizing expensive office space will help to reduce overheads as costs of […]

Back to the office or flexible working?

Back to the office or flexible working? With the end to some of the Covid restrictions imminent many people who have been happily and productively working from home have been called back to their offices. This is despite the fact that it has been proven that people could work responsibly—and often more efficiently—from home. However, […]

Why is the paperless society not yet a reality?

The use of the PC, cloud storage and other technological innovations has led many to predict that the future of the office and of society would be paperless. Yet 40 years since the term was first coined this is still some way off. There are many possible explanations for this. Often people, perhaps rightly, do […]