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If you’re planning to use AI in your business, be careful

Artificial intelligence is set to affect nearly 40% of all jobs, according to a new analysis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While that might sound like good news in terms of reducing your overheads, particularly payroll costs, there is a downside to using AI. The IMF warns “The technology is facing increased regulation around […]

Beware new legislation if your business depends on online reviews and sales

As part of the digital markets, competition and consumers bill currently progressing through parliament, fake reviews and unavoidable hidden online charges – which cost consumers £2.2bn a year – are to be banned. In future mandatory fees must be included in the headline price or at the start of the shopping process, including booking fees […]

Merry Christmas

To all our customers We wish you all A very happy Christmas and New Year With time to catch up with friends and family and relax

AI & Cyber Security

According to a survey by PWC 37% of the 3,900 companies they asked were worried that they were “highly or extremely exposed to cyber risks”. While three fifths saw AI as a positive cyber and digital risks were top-of-mind in 2023, with those leaders responsible for managing risk ranking cyber higher than inflation. More than […]

AI – Friend or enemy?

The risks from AI should be treated as seriously as the climate crisis, according to one of the technology’s leading figures. He was speaking ahead of a UK-hosted summit on the safety of AI due to be held on 1 and 2 November at Bletchley Park, the base for the code breakers in World War […]

Copyright and AI

It had to happen eventually. Writers, artists and others are realising that they need to protect themselves as it has become clearer that AI uses multiple sources to find the information people are using for research. The information collected by AI is not attributed so it is impossible to know where it has come from. […]

Cyber criminals are increasingly using pictures for phishing

Cyber criminals are luring victims to click on images rather than downloading malicious files or clicking on suspicious links. When you click on it, you don’t go to the real website, instead it is a fake site that is designed to steal your personal information. Watch out for unexpected emails, particularly for bad spelling and […]

What is a circular economy?

If you are concerned about the environment and the effects of your business on the planet there is an interesting experiment being carried out in Amsterdam. It is called the Circular Economy and its aim is to break the link between economic activity and using up the earth’s resources. Currently being tried out in the […]

Looking for a new laptop?

We came across this review in the Guardian for what looks to be a relatively affordable new laptop. The Framework Laptop 13 is fixable and upgradeable and installed with Windows 11. According to the review “the new parts are compatible with older machines. The laptop is thin, light and made of recycled aluminium. It looks […]