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Google Changes To Cookies And The Implications For Advertising

From 2022 Google has announced that it will be ditching third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. The move will make it harder for advertisers to track the online activity of people browsing different websites. But according to Wired “Critics and regulators argue the move risks putting smaller advertising firms out of business and could harm […]

What about the environment when business gets back to normal?

The Covid pandemic and various lockdowns have precipitated an economic downturn from which it will take some time for businesses to recover. However, it is a perfect opportunity for businesses to incorporate more energy efficient ways of doing things. This may well also save them both time and money. It is already clear that many […]

Ransomware is becoming big business during the pandemic

Ransomware is becoming big business during the pandemic New variations on the ransomware extortion technique have been emerging, targeting both large businesses and SMEs. The latest is Egregor Ransomware. It is a variant of Ransom. Sekhmet and not only does it demand a payment to unlock the systems it has attacked, but then it fails […]

Is it time to review your cyber security measures?

As the year comes to an end is it time to review your cyber security measures? With no sign that people will be returning to office-based working any time soon, businesses will continue to rely heavily on their remote workers. Indeed, many have realised that they can function perfectly well without having all their employees […]

GDPR and remote working

GDPR and remote working Many businesses have been operating during the Coronavirus lockdown by asking their employees to work remotely from home. It may be that if this has been successful and there is no need for them to be present in their former offices every day, that this way of working will become the […]

Call to report scam emails

According to the Governments GCHQ Cyber Crime security centre, there has been a significant rise in phishing scams since the onset of the pandemic lockdown and it is asking members of the public to report them here: report@phishing.gov.uk As more and more people are using tech alternatives to keep in touch with family and to […]

Tips for productive video conferencing

As more and more people are working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there will still be times when a company boss or manager needs to be in touch with their team. Similarly, it can be important for keeping in touch with customers and clients. However, such meetings can descend into chaos without some […]

How to improve your work productivity

How to improve your work productivity Finding enough hours in the day to get everything done can be a challenge for SME owners. There are endless stories and articles about famous entrepreneurs who get up at 5am, perhaps start their day with a yoga or gym session or employ any number of variations on the […]

End of Support for Windows 7

End of Support for Windows 7 – what to do In an ideal world when Microsoft ends its support for a piece of software, users should upgrade to a new version. But for SMEs this can be a headache, especially if their current PC or laptop does not have the capacity to cope smoothly with […]