Boost your wi-fi connection today

Boost your wi-fi connection today


Struggling with a poor wi-fi connection? Getting stressed out by slow and unreliable connections? You’ve got several options to boost performance, without needing to change your broadband provider. Check out this video from BBC Click:



How can I boost my wi-fi connection?


DIY reflector

The video demonstrates how quickly and easily you can make your own cost effective wi-fi reflector. This “Blue Peter” style hack requires some tin foil, a piece of cardboard and some PVA glue. Simply piece the items together and then fold your work of art into three sections. Placing your handmade reflector behind a wi-fi router will point the signal into the chosen direction and boost connection speed.


Don’t want to faff around with a bit of tin foil and cardboard? Why not have a look into the following wi-fi boosting solutions?


Wi-fi range extender

For the more serious internet user, a wi-fi range extender is a good solution, particularly in larger buildings. Simply plug the device in a connected area then sit back and enjoy the improved signal throughout.


Powerline adapters

These nifty gadgets come in two parts. One part connects directly to the wi-fi router and the other is plugged into any other socket in the same building. Your computer or smart device can then be attached via a lead or wireless connection.


Tri-band router

Another option is the tri-band router, featuring a 2.4GHz connection and two 5GHz connections to give a consistently strong signal when the device in use is within a close proximity to the router. This is perfect when socialising as many devices can connect at once with very little interference – providing they are fairly modern.


4G data

As 4G is becoming more standardised and more frequently found, the contract prices are beginning to fall and in some cases 4G may be speedier than wi-fi. This means that some users will be better off using a 4G provider rather than a wi-fi provider especially as the 4G routers and hotspots offer far more flexible user-friendly options.


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If you’re not sure which device is best for your home, have a chat with one of our friendly and experienced technicians who will be happy to help.


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Expand your wi-fi coverage today!



iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro will be hitting stores on November 11th 2015. The extra large screen device will be available to purchase both in stores and online – just in time for Christmas!


About the iPad Pro

Packed full of features, The iPad Pro is certainly set to be a big hit. Boasting a huge 12.9 inch display with a resolution that can handle more than 5.6 million pixels. Apple have teamed this with a 64 bit processor which is nearly two times faster than their previous chip.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, you’ll be pleased to know that the battery will last for around ten long hours from one single charge and the device features four speakers (one in each corner) all of which can produce three times more audio than the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Pro will come in a choice of three colourways: silver, gold and space grey; and will retail at around £599 for 32GB while the 128GB specced out model will have a price tag of about £700.


iPad Pro Accessories

For those who want to get even more out of this great device, there will be two cool accessories.

Firstly, a Smart Keyboard which connects to the iPad via magnetic connection as well as offering a boost in power and data. This basically turns your iPad into a laptop, making it much easier to compile documents.

There will also be a high-tech stylus, The Apple Pencil, which incorporates Force Touch technology to understand the user’s actions by responding to pressure, angle, dimension and positioning.

What do you think of the Apple iPad Pro?! Are you putting it on your Christmas list? Let us know!


iPad Screen Repair Services

If the iPad Pro has got you so excited that you’ve dropped your current iPad, don’t despair! – ColchesterIT are able to carry out iPad and iPhone screen repairs. If you need this service, we’ll be happy to help – just let us know.