Is it time to review your cyber security measures?

As the year comes to an end is it time to review your cyber security measures?

With no sign that people will be returning to office-based working any time soon, businesses will continue to rely heavily on their remote workers.

Indeed, many have realised that they can function perfectly well without having all their employees present in massive central city locations.

But they will need to rely on robust cyber security to protect businesses from scams such as phishing, ransomware, spoofing and social engineering.

Unfortunately, scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and relying on “social engineering” camouflage to get people to drop their guard.

While the threats are not new, they have become more prevalent with the move to remote working so businesses need to install more robust measures to help their workers.

According to Wired, “Over the last decade alone, the ability to breach corporate systems and then sell stolen databases to a developed market has grown considerably.”

Time to review your business security?  This article may help.

And finally, we wish you all a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and a hopefully less stressful 2021.