Is your computer driving you crazy!?

We specialise in the repair of all makes and models of laptops and desktop computers. Not sure whats wrong with your computer? Unlike the majority of computer repair shops we don’t charge to have a look at your machine and diagnose the problem. Below are a few of our more popular services we carry out, however we do undertake a great deal more so if the service you require is not listed below, please contact us directly so we can best deal with your query.

  • Laptop screen repair
  • Power/DC socket replacement
  • Keyboard repair/replacement
  • Data recovery
  • RAM upgrades
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Reinstallation of Windows
  • Computer services

Laptop screen repair
Just because your laptop has a broken or damaged screen it does not have to mean its the end of your laptop. Call us for a quote to replace your screen for a fraction of the cost of replacing your broken laptop with a new one.

Power/DC socket replacement
Normally caused by dropping the laptop or kicking the lead, we can repair the charging socket on your laptop.  This is much more cost effective  than the alternative which would be to replace the motherboard.

Keyboard repair/replacement
Laptop keyboards can fail for a number of reasons, the most common being from liquid damage!  We can also usually repair missing keys from keyboards without having to replace them this usually only cost a few pounds. The complete keyboard can be easily replaced so give us a call or drop in for a price.

Data recovery
First and foremost we would always recommend backing up any important documents that you could not afford to lose to something external such as a backup drive or a memory stick. In case of Fire, Theft or Failure your important documents and photos will be safe!!  If your Hard Drive has failed all may not be lost.  We can scan Hard Drives that have failed or become corrupted or even been re-installed or wiped for data files such as pictures, documents and other important data.

Virus removal
With new viruses being released on nearly a daily basis, it can make it very hard for you maintain a clean system. Even with the best anti virus programs infections can still gain access to your computer and cause problems such as popups and causing your computer to run slowly. We can give your computer a service which removes these infections restoring system performance and security.

Hard drive replacement
Your hard drive can fail without notice.  Some of the common signs that your hard drive is about to fail are ….

  • Computer running very slow, even to boot up
  • Hard drive clicking
  • Your system might have a built in feature that warns you before your HDD is about to fail

If you think you are having problems bring it in for a check! Leaving it could result in losing everything!

Re-installation of Windows
There are a number of reasons as to why you may need to re-install Windows.

  • Physical damage or a replacement HDD
  • Virus may have corrupted the operating system
  • Registry file damage
  • Slow or bloated operating system

We can re-install windows to its orignal factory settings. We will also ensure that your computer has all the latest updates and drivers installed so it is running as efficiently as possible. We can also copy any data over where possible and set it back up for you all included in the price of a re-install.