Are you a business that needs an IT professional, or a home user that requires some assistance?

  • Service call outs for multiple computers
  • Wireless router & network setup
  • Internet & e-mail configuration
  • CAT5 network cabling

Service call outs for multiple computers
If you have multiple desktop computers or laptops it may be more convenient to go for a callout instead of bringing them into store and paying for each of them to be serviced. This way you can get them all serviced at your home or business and at a saving too! a service costs just £59 when you bring your computer into our store, however a call out starts from just £89 for the first hour in which we can usually service multiple computers at once.

Wireless router & network setup
If you have recently switched internet service provider you may receive a new router and even though some routers proclaim to be easy to setup they can be quite troublesome to do so. One of our IT professionals can come out to you and setup and configure your router, everything from changing the SSID ( the name of your wireless network) and the password if required to setting up printers on your home network, making it easier for everyone to print and share files across your network.

Internet & E-mail configuration
If you find logging into web mail to check your emails annoying then this service is for you, we can set up a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or one of the many free email clients available, to collect your emails directly onto your computer allowing you to manage multiple accounts at once without having to log in and out of multiple webpages. We can also help to configure a new or existing router with your internet details that are supplied by you ISP (Internet Service Provider) and test your connection speed. Also we can offer help setting up your web browsers for correct homepages and favourites.