Are you looking grow and develop your business?

With our help you can use technology to maximise your business opportunities, reduce your risks, and create an effective IT budget. We do this by understanding your priorities and supporting these with an effective maintenance package, optimising your computer network and wireless systems, fine tuning your internet and email configurations.

Service call outs for multiple computers
Many of our clients use our call out service to keep their business fully operational. We can minimise the impact of computer failure through pro-active as well as re-active IT servicing, as part of how we ensure your key processes and systems are fully operational.

Our call-out services keeps you and your business focussed on your customers and reduces your time on keeping your IT systems functional.

Wireless router & network setup
Ensuring your network is connecting your people so they can fulfil their roles, really does pay dividends. Our IT professionals will ensure that all of your IT equipment is optimised so your teams can share files and information, print and consistently connect to your network.

Our set up services have been used including configuring new routers provided when a client switched to a new internet service providers, adding new staff members laptops to your network and reconfiguring SSID and passwords to maintain high levels of security. We can test and maximise your internet speed to really keep your business running at its best.

Internet & E-mail configuration
We use email and other internet based information to connect to our customers and drive our businesses forward. So effective and fast connection is essential.

We can advise and set up your emails so that you can view multiple accounts from a single email client (such as Microsoft Outlook), help with setting up your web browsers for correct homepages and favourites. This saves time and effort, speeding your teams ability to connect with your customers and team members.