We are focused on helping you get IT working for you and your business

By sharing our knowledge and experience through clear advice, we ensure technology delivers real benefits to your business. With our range of new and refurbished computers you can be assured of finding the best computer that matches to your actual requirements and budget.

We advise you on:

  • New laptops/PC’s
  • Refurbished laptop/PC’s
  • Desktop upgrades incl. data transfer
  • Accessories

New laptops/PC’s
As your IT is the core support for your business and lifestyle, we will provide clear advice on the technical profile of your computer, to safeguard your investment.

We will configure and build your new computer, including transferring all of your data, so that you are up and running immediately.

Our ongoing support will keep things running as you need. We will discuss how we can maintain the performance of your new computer to safeguard your investment.

So, if you are looking for a simple desktop to a high spec gaming laptop, we can offer flexible solutions to cater for all needs and budgets.

Refurbished laptops/PC’s

Our range of refurbished laptops and PC’s enables provides a comprehensive range of options in your choice of computer. You can confidently choose from our extensive range, safe in the knowledge that each is underwritten with our 3 month hardware warranty.

Our range of refurbished laptops and desktop PC’s have been fully serviced and refurbished, with re-installed software set to factory settings.

In addition, we will transfer all of your data, and offer ongoing support options, as part of our comprehensive offer.


Desktop upgrades incl. data transfer
We are able to breathe new life into existing computers, through our upgrades and servicing. Our upgrades we can add more greater speed and stability so your key applications run smoother and more efficiently.

Our IT healthcheck will provide an assessment and clear recommendations for extending the use of your existing computers, and when you should budget for a newer machines.

So, if you are finding the performance of your existing computer is slowing your business and lifestyle down, contact us to see how we can re-energise your world.