AI and your business

Job posts mentioning AI or generative AI have, globally, more than doubled in the past two years, according to a report by LinkedIn.

However, AI skills may be in demand but the supply of those AI capable is still lagging.

According to Ngaire Moyes, UK country manager at LinkedIn, AI can “help remove the drudgery from day-to-day work, improve productivity and free-up time for more strategic and creative work”.

This could be crucial to smaller businesses.

Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to AI, not least that AI needs to be personalised to be effective.

It is also important to be aware of the risk of legal and security breaches.

As one HR expert at the Cranfield Institute puts it: “AI systems are only as good as the data that they are based on”.

So while AI may well be a crucial tool for business in the future, proper training is going to be essential.

To improve AI skills you can experiment with many of the free versions of the tools available online.

Look for online courses in AI, but ensure they are tailored to your requirements.

Above all, managers and employers need to be clear about why they want to use AI. It is not only about efficiency but about improving things in a way that benefits the humans in your business.