Climate change action requires collaboration

Climate change action requires collaboration and partnerships of all kinds

The damage that has been done and continues to be done to the environment across the world is rarely out of the news, along with its consequences in affecting people’s lives.

But, according to an article in Wired, tackling and reversing the damage is going to require collaboration by all sorts of people, from individuals to scientists to businesses and governments.

It argues that social media and AI will have a significant part to play in both raising awareness and in action:

“AI models, including those that Microsoft is developing with research teams and academia, are revealing the perilous pace at which we are destroying our environment.”

It suggests that collaborations between the developed world and developing countries to share insights and come up with sustainable practices will be needed.

Sharing technology, will help to develop sustainable practices in everything from farming to forest conservation, not to mention government policies across the world.

With technology companies as key partners, it suggests, there is an opportunity to not only share best practice but for new businesses and production systems to develop for the better future of countries and their environments around the world.