Free or Paid Antivirus?

Paid Vs Free Antivirus

The internet can be a dangerous place, there are a growing number of threats out there that can cause serious damage to your PC. Antivirus protection is therefore essential, but some are free, and some are paid for. So what are the differences between paid vs free antivirus, and which is best?

Free antivirus

Freebie programmes generally only provide the absolute bare minimum level of security protection. This means it will scan for malware, and you can set it to do that automatically which is one less thing to worry about. Some free versions may also offer additional tools like a bad link finder or a firewall, but these will probably be trialled versions that will expect payment at a later date. Free antivirus might also provide malware detection, which will alert you of new threats, so that’s always a bonus.

A major downfall with free antivirus programmes is that you do not benefit from any technical support over the phone or online etc. It is really only paying companies that receive extra help and support if something goes wrong, or questions need answering.

Freebies will frequently flag you with adverts and reminders to upgrade, and trial the paid products. At first this will be fine, but over time it can become extremely annoying and time consuming, especially when you are in the middle of other tasks.

Paid antivirus

Paid versions usually provide more complex settings such as identity theft protection or parental controls. There will be more settings and options, so be sure to read the manual and spend time playing through them.

There are a tonne of benefits of paid antivirus though, and it will provide you with a much more comprehensive protection and cover. Paid programmes often include extra security levels like firewall, backup, recovery,l and anti-spyware solutions. You can set everything to quickly and automatically update which makes thing easy to manage.

Usually with paid antivirus, you get multiple licenses, which means you can protect all of your computers and devices, without needing to purchase multiple protections. You’ll get online support and help, too.

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