The success of remote working

The success of remote working is likely to change the traditional office HQ

Given the proof that remote working during the pandemic has been successful it is likely that businesses may rethink their current traditional ways of working.

It may also be that downsizing expensive office space will help to reduce overheads as costs of energy and supplies escalate.

According to an article in Wired, one innovation may well be the “digital HQ”.

It suggests that the office-based HQ could become a thing of the past: “We will develop digital HQs, which will improve productivity, foster innovation and help increase the diversity of company workforces.”

This could cut down on the number of journeys staff have to make to the HQ, cutting down on the number of meetings they are required to attend and this could also create a need for new roles to manage remote collaboration.

This will also emphasise the importance of using new digital tools and platforms to keep workers connected.

It may be that recruitment itself will change, with packages putting flexibility at the heart of the workers’ package of benefits.

It may also mean the end of a rigid five-day working week.

“Businesses that thrive in the next decade will be those that have embraced this bold reinvention.”