No internet access after applying Windows updates

No internet access after applying Windows updates – FIX

We all know that Windows updates can cause just as many problems as they manage to fix, one of the issues we have seen an influx of recently coming into our Colchester-IT is where a computer is unable to connect to the internet after completing a number of updates that have been recently installed. This normally doesn’t cause any issues until the machine has been restarted, luckily this is generally a simple issue to fix.

Upon further inspection, we were able to fix this particular issue simply by disabling the wireless adapter, rebooting the machine, and then re-enabling the wireless adapter upon restarting. This seems to permanently fix the issue, for steps on how to fix this problem please see below.

  1. Right click on the wireless logo on the task bar in the bottom right and click on “open network sharing centre” – Alternatively you can hit the Windows key + X key to open the menu and click on network connections.
  2. Once you are in the network and sharing centre click on the “change adapter settings” this will open a new window which displays your available network connections
  3. Right click on the wireless adapter which may be named “Wi-Fi” and disable the adapter, once you have disabled the wireless adapter it will grey itself out.
  4. Proceed to reboot your machine leaving the wireless adapter disabled, repeat the above process to get back to the adapter settings and you can simply enable the adapter again by double clicking on the greyed-out adapter.
  5. Check that your wireless has connected back to your router (it should still remember your preferred network) and you should be back up and running!




All About Windows 10

All about Windows 10

Windows 10 boasts a ton of fantastic new features that make using your laptop or PC easier and more enjoyable. Whether you use your computer for work or play, here is a roundup of new Windows 10 features that we know you will love!

Say hello

Windows Hello is a new way to connect to your device. This makes it possible to sign in using your face or fingerprint instead of the traditional password. A great additional security feature which will help protect your personal files and data.

Get off to the right Start

Windows 10 has reintroduced the start bar we all know and love, but now it is bigger and better than ever before. You can organise and personalise the start bar features to suit your own requirements.

Your most used apps will be highlighted on the left, while the All Apps tab will be your gateway to everything else on your PC such as files and settings.

More media

Windows 10 includes a brilliant new store which gives you access to music, games, apps, videos and more at your fingertips. The store packs in plenty of free content as well as paid-for items, and you can always preview before you purchase. Download an app and it will work across all your Windows 10 devices including phones, laptops, PCs and even the Xbox.

To get going, you will need a Microsoft account and an internet connection. Simply browse through the trending top charts or search for the type of media you’re looking for. Create custom lists collections to meet your needs.


Cortana is the Windows 10 personal assistant. She will help you co-ordinate as much or as little as you need. For example, get Cortana to send an email, add a calendar event, search the web and more.

Use the search box to make Cortana get to work, or simply speak to her through your computer’s microphone or a headset. If you just want a laugh, get Cortana to tell you a joke!

Doodling is a doddle

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge allows you to customise any web page with drawings, doodles, highlighting and more. Your doodles aren’t just limited to the world wide web though, you can also use your finger, tablet pen or mouse to draw your way through any place you can normally write, for example OneNote. Just make sure your boss isn’t watching!

All your photos in one place

The new photo app in Windows 10 collates all your photos and videos in one place. It takes all your snaps from your PC and laptop, phone and OneDrive and organises them into shareable albums.

Upgrade to Windows 10 without the hassle

If you like the sound of Windows 10 and would like to use it on your PC or laptop, but are a bit unsure of how to get started, then we can help you.

ColchesterIT will take the hassle out of upgrading your PC or laptop to Windows 10 for just £29! Pop in to see us for more information, or use our contact form here to book an appointment.