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GDPR is looming – is your business ready?

It is reported that many small businesses are still either unaware of or unready for the new data protection regime, GDPR, that comes into force in May this year. Businesses will have to ensure that any information they keep on their customers is stored securely, and this applies to both online and paper-based records. They […]

Time to ditch the TomTom?

We have quickly come to rely on sat-navs, rather than physical maps, to help us get from place to place and nowadays we can use direction finders on our mobile phones instead of buying a special gadget. But how many people have, and still use, that first well-known sat-nav, the TomTom? Well that may not […]

Intel chip vulnerabilities

Intel computer chip vulnerabilities the story so far Anyone who relies on a Mac or PC for work, which is most of us nowadays, will have been horrified when news broke early in January that Intel had discovered a flaw in the chips it manufactures. Potentially, this meant that every machine fitted with an Intel […]

Is Apple losing its edge?

Apple laptops and desktops are often the favourite hardware for businesses, partly for quality and partly because they have always been seen as largely hack-proof. But a recent problem has caused some technical writers to question whether the “big A” is beginning to lose its edge. A flaw was discovered in the most recent version […]

Broadband speeds are not what they’re claimed to be?

Broadband speeds are not what they’re claimed to be A new survey by Which? has found that more than half of internet users are getting broadband speeds that are up to 62% slower than their providers claim. The Which? figures taken from more than 700,000 consumer speed checker tests and compared with information collected in […]

Before updating to High Sierra, what to know

Apple’s new OS system Many businesses will use Apple computers believing that the technology is far superior and less vulnerable to hacking and viruses. However, reviewers of the latest version of the operating system, MacOS High Sierra, warn Mac users to wait a while before installing it and to make sure they do an external […]

Do you need faster broadband?

How crucial to your business is a faster download speed? It may be in the interests of Internet service providers to increase their revenue by encouraging you to upgrade to a service that gives you faster connectivity and download speeds, but it is wise to do the research before committing. Firstly, it’s about bandwidth, expressed […]

How to avoid email phishing scams

According to the security software provider Malwarebytes 33% of businesses have suffered a ransomware attack in the last 12 months. Their research also revealed that 20% of UK businesses feel they’d have no chance in stopping a ransomware attack. But actually, there is a lot that a business can do to protect itself, especially since […]

What your website developer needs to know

Potential clients or customers generally expect a business to have a website and when they are looking for a product or service it is likely to be their first port of call. Not only that, but these days, particularly in the UK, they are likely to be viewing it on a mobile phone or tablet, […]

Online security is a must for businesses

Businesses should be much more aware of online security after last month’s WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack attacked 200,000 computers in 150 countries, causing chaos for the UK’s NHS. So many businesses these days rely on their IT systems for record keeping and for communications that it makes sense to do everything possible to keep them both […]